Interviews and Lectures by Valerie Saurer:

Why We Need Gratitude:  Interview with Kim Caldwell of Think Fit Radio, April 2010.

Websites we recommend:

Horizons Magazine“On this site you’ll find articles and links about holistic living, mentoring, healing, personal empowerment, spirituality, law of attraction, creative visualization, dreams, divination, health, meditation, psychic research, as well as a FREE listing of new age stores and spiritual events throughout Florida.”

Blogs you’ll love:

Morgana Starr, Angel Messenger:  “Bringing the message of connecting with your Inner Divinity/God Self through the power of Archangel Anael and the Angels.”

Amblin Cafe:  A blend of comments, stories, musings and thoughts by Robert J. Korpella of  Exploring the Ozarks.