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“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. ”   Genesis 1:31

Have you ever known someone with lots of money who was really unhappy?  You see it all the time, people who have every material thing the mind can dream up, yet their lives feel meaningless and empty, and they still crave something more.  Have you ever known someone who seemed to have very little in the way of material possessions, yet seemed completely content … even happy?  How can that be?

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Fully accept what already is, and suddenly you have it all. Ralph Marston

One of the biggest hurdles to keeping a consistent attitude of gratitude is our constant desire for something better than what we already have.   Rather than focus on how blessed we are to have what we have and to be where we are, we tend to see what isn’t perfect about our situation and dwell on that, instead.  With thinking like that, we quickly become dissatisfied with things that just a short time ago delighted us.

I see it quite often in my twenty-something daughter.  Last year she relocated to Florida to start over anew.  She had become dissatisfied with her life in South Carolina, and being the good mommy I helped her drive the U-Haul down and gave her my couch to sleep on while she worked it all out.  For a few weeks, she was absolutely thrilled to be out of her previous situation, and had lots of hope for her future.  But soon I began to notice a pattern with her:  first, the couch wasn’t good enough.  “I’m used to my own house, mother.  I can’t sleep  on a couch … I need my own room.”   I gave her half my closet space:  “I can’t fit all my stuff in this tiny closet!”  I gave up my sewing desk so she could have a desk to work at:  “There’s not enough light, and this desk is too small.”  I bought her a truck so she could work, and possibly buy some stuff that would please her:  “I can’t drive a truck this color!”  Well, you get the picture.

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