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Valerie Saurer is a writer and inspirational speaker.  Founder of The Attitude of Gratitude Project, she is truly grateful to be alive, and cherishes all of the people she has come to know and love.  In addition to her  postings at the Living Gratitude Blog, Valerie also writes The New Book of Clues, a daily collection of thoughts that seem at times to contain a small amount of wisdom.

Valerie was inspired by her voice teacher, the late Dr. Vernon Boushell, to raise awareness of the importance of gratitude in improving the quality of our collective lives.  In his last days, Dr. Boushell made her promise to teach what he had taught her.  Since she didn’t feel qualified to be a voice teacher, she vowed to keep her promise by teaching others to keep an Attitude of Gratitude.   To that end, Valerie created  The Attitude of Gratitude Project, a movement designed to encourage people to develop the daily habit of expressing gratitude for all that is right in our world.  This Living Gratitude Blog is an extension of that Project.  Through these posts, we can all learn to see our world through grateful eyes, even in the midst of life’s challenges.

What are you grateful for today?