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** I’ve been re-visiting old posts. Here is one that resonates well with me today.

Have you ever tried to juggle balls?  I once had a friend who was a master juggler.  He could juggle six or seven balls at a time, sometimes bouncing them, sometimes throwing them in the air.  He was amazing.  One day he took me out to the park and taught me how to juggle.   You toss one ball with the right hand and catch it with the left hand, while you’re also tossing another ball with the left hand and catching with the right.  You’re eyes, however, never leave the balls that are in the air.  The secret is to get a rhythm going, tossing the balls to the same height every time so that the catching and the tossing all happen in a predictable manner.  It’s really quite a beautiful thing once you get the hang of it.

In the beginning, while you’re learning how to juggle, you drop lots and lots of balls.  But eventually, if you keep at it, you learn the rhythm of it, and you learn to focus on doing just one thing:  catching the next ball.  Juggling requires focus and concentration.  If you let your mind wander, or if you take your eyes off the balls in the air, you lose it and balls go flying everywhere.  The secret to doing it well is consistency:  tossing the same number of balls the same way every time.  When you add more balls to the mix, then you have to learn to readjust your toss, so that you have time to catch each ball in its turn.

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