GratitudeRadio – spreading the attitude


The Attitude of Gratitude Project is proud to partner with Jeffery Allen Spence and his new internet radio station dedicated to playing music with grateful lyrics.


GratitudeRadio is not affiliated with any religion, denomination or sect. It is not a Christian radio station promoting Christianity or any other religious ideology. Even though the term God may be mentioned in some songs, on GratitudeRadio God is “as one understands Him”. GratitudeRadio is not a place to debate theology; there are other places for that. GratitudeRadio seeks not to divide but to bring all people together to only say “Thank You”.


We at The Attitude of Gratitude Project are excited about this radio station, and are happy to share this exciting new radio station with you.


Although the official launch date is Thanksgiving night at 7:30 Central Time (U.S.), here is an advance listen.