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October is my favorite month.  I look forward to October the way snow-bound New Englanders look forward to spring.  I’ve been held prisoner in my air-conditioned home since June, because I’m unable to tolerate the Florida heat and humidity during the summer months.  Actually, that’s an understatement; I suffer so much during the summer months that it makes me wonder why I even live in Florida!  In October it finally cools down, and the relative humidity drops below 70 percent.  In October, I finally get to go outside to play.  So every October, I make it a point to meet up with all of my hippie friends to frolic together in the meadow for a week of music, dancing, celebration.

Which is why I find myself this weekend at MagnoliaFest, the annual folk-hippie music festival held at the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground in Live Oak, FL the third weekend of every October.  The music begins on Thursday afternoon, but since I just got back from a week-long vacation in the North Carolina mountains, I had to wait until after work on Friday to start the four-hour trip up here.  When I finally pulled into the festival grounds, Dickie Betts and Great Southern were wailing down at the Amphitheatre, playing the soundtrack from my youth.  Man, does that band ever bring back some old memories!  Dickie Betts was the favorite band of the original Valerie (some day I may tell you that story), and we used to listen to her Dickie Betts 8-Track on our beach-bound road trips, way back when … one blonde, one brunette, long hair flying in the breeze of the open windows as we cruised recklessly through the night in an old woody station wagon.

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