Attitude of Gratitude Project


Saturday, May 15, 2010,    10 am to noon

at the Stone Street Gazebo in

Historic Cocoa Village, Florida

What began as an online gratitude journal shared between three friends has grown into a global community of over 8800 grateful people who have made a conscious choice to see our world through grateful eyes.

Deep friendships have been formed on this Facebook Page, and we have begun to see evidence of what happens when we join in gratitude with other like-minded people. It is time that we meet each other in real life.

Come and gather with us at the Cocoa Village Gazebo, as we hold hands and send out a powerful wave of gratitude strong enough to be felt around the planet.

We will be easy to find … we will all be wearing T-shirts with The Attitude of Gratitude Logo on the front.

You can get your very own T-shirt at:

See you there! Bring a friend!

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We will be joined at this event by David Block as he makes his way up the East Coast on his annual Gratitude Tour.