Our lives are constantly changing.   Some days everything seems to be going our way:  we get all the lucky breaks, make all the green lights, get the parking place right up front, find money in a coat pocket.  Other days, not so much:  someone breaks up with us, we lose our job, get into an accident, break our favorite gadget.

It’s easy to feel gratitude on those good days.  We are grateful because good things are happening, and we like that!  If we are to be serious about our gratitude practice, however, we must also learn to be genuinely grateful on those not-so-great days.

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** I’ve been re-visiting old posts. Here is one that resonates well with me today.

Have you ever tried to juggle balls?  I once had a friend who was a master juggler.  He could juggle six or seven balls at a time, sometimes bouncing them, sometimes throwing them in the air.  He was amazing.  One day he took me out to the park and taught me how to juggle.   You toss one ball with the right hand and catch it with the left hand, while you’re also tossing another ball with the left hand and catching with the right.  You’re eyes, however, never leave the balls that are in the air.  The secret is to get a rhythm going, tossing the balls to the same height every time so that the catching and the tossing all happen in a predictable manner.  It’s really quite a beautiful thing once you get the hang of it.

In the beginning, while you’re learning how to juggle, you drop lots and lots of balls.  But eventually, if you keep at it, you learn the rhythm of it, and you learn to focus on doing just one thing:  catching the next ball.  Juggling requires focus and concentration.  If you let your mind wander, or if you take your eyes off the balls in the air, you lose it and balls go flying everywhere.  The secret to doing it well is consistency:  tossing the same number of balls the same way every time.  When you add more balls to the mix, then you have to learn to readjust your toss, so that you have time to catch each ball in its turn.

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GratitudeRadio – spreading the attitude



The Attitude of Gratitude Project is proud to partner with Jeffery Allen Spence and his new internet radio station dedicated to playing music with grateful lyrics.


GratitudeRadio is not affiliated with any religion, denomination or sect. It is not a Christian radio station promoting Christianity or any other religious ideology. Even though the term God may be mentioned in some songs, on GratitudeRadio God is “as one understands Him”. GratitudeRadio is not a place to debate theology; there are other places for that. GratitudeRadio seeks not to divide but to bring all people together to only say “Thank You”.


We at The Attitude of Gratitude Project are excited about this radio station, and are happy to share this exciting new radio station with you.


Although the official launch date is Thanksgiving night at 7:30 Central Time (U.S.), here is an advance listen.


Hope in a Prison of DespairI woke up happy this morning, much like I do every morning.  I woke up in a soft bed with clean sheets, surrounded by love.  As I woke, cats were already at the door begging for food, and birds were outside singing in joy at the dawn of a new day.  The breeze was playing a soft melody on the windchimes, and the house was already ringing with laughter.  As I waited for coffee to brew, I took a moment to see what my Facebook friends were doing.

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intuitionThere are many wonderful benefits to seeing the world with a grateful eye.  The most immediate benefit, of course, is that grateful people are happy people.  When we look upon our world with gratitude in our hearts, we tend to see only what is good about our surroundings, our relationships, our situation.  We tend to focus on the positive aspects of our world, and to filter out the negative.  Even when bad things happen … and they do … grateful people still tend to find the good buried somewhere underneath the rubble.  Grateful people can always see the silver lining, the rainbow, the pot of gold, the light at the end of the tunnel.  When we see our world with a grateful eye, we see a world that is generous and helpful.  We see a world so eager to help us fulfill our dreams that it constantly leaves clues that will lead us, like breadcrumbs, down the path that leads toward our highest good.

The ability to see those clues is called intuition. It is a gut feeling we get about a situation, or a fleeting thought that crosses our mind that connects in some ridiculously far-fetched way with a situation we find ourselves in.  It is the still, small, suggestive voice of God silently whispering to us in the background of our noisy mental chatter.

Intuition is often called the sixth sense. Women seem to be more attuned to it than men, which is why we are all familiar with the phrase women’s intuition.  I’m suspecting it’s because women tend to think with their hearts.    Now, I’m not suggesting that men cannot be intuitive; some men also have learned to think with their hearts and so have learned to see the world intuitively.  We all can learn to be more intuitive, but those of us who have trained ourselves to maintain an attitude of gratitude as we go through our day will have a definite advantage.  As my friend Jeffrey Smith pointed out to me yesterday, gratitude amplifies intuition.

Here’s why:  When we are grateful for whatever life has set before us, even if it is something we might not have willingly chosen, we tend to accept the situation  without resistance.  We accept things as they are and we go with the flow.  Resistance is what causes us to suffer.  It makes us fearful and worried, so we feel the need to interfere and try to fix everything, which of course usually makes everything worse.  When we are grateful, we thankfully accept whatever life may offer us, and we move through obstacles calmly and unafraid — much like Luke Skywalker, when he finally learns to stop struggling and to use the force.   When we stop resisting,  our intuition gets a huge boost.

When we learn to be grateful for everything, we begin to see that nothing happens by accident, and we start to actively look for the lesson and the benefit that each situation is bringing to us.  Because we are looking for clues, we find them; and because we trust the Universe, when our intuition shows us a detour that will lead to our pot of gold, we follow it.

What is your intuition trying to tell you today?  Can you see the clues that are right before your eyes?  They are always there, because the whole universe is always conspiring to help us achieve our dreams.  Always.  It is up to us to look at our world with eyes that are accustomed to finding clues in everything, and then to have the courage to follow those clues wherever they may lead.

Being grateful helps in that process, because with grateful eyes we can learn to see blessings where others only see a problem.   If your heart is grateful, your intuition will be better able to recognize clues when they cross your path.  Remember, your biggest break may very well come to you cleverly disguised as an annoying interruption.

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively.

“You must want to fly so much you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

“You mean die?”

“Yes and no,” he answered. “What looks like you will die, but what’s really you will still live”

—–From Hope For The Flower


Growth hurts.  Sometimes little kids experience actual physical pain as their bones and muscles grow.  Doctors call these growing pains.  Massaging the area helps, as do lots of hugs and kisses.  But there are also psychological growing pains, and we are never too old to experience those.

As humans, we all have certain basic needs that must be fulfilled in order for us to thrive.  One of these is the need for Certainty.  We like for things to be comfortable and familiar.  Certainty helps us to feel safe and in control.  Certainty is the bedrock on which our identities are built; it helps us to define who we are.

But too much certainty can work against us.  Clinging to certainty is the reason why we remain in a situation long after it has stopped serving our highest good.  It is the reason why we stay in an abusive relationship;  it is the reason why we keep working a job that we despise; it is the reason why we watch TV or play games on Facebook instead of working on our dreams.  It is the reason why we don’t grow.

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October is my favorite month.  I look forward to October the way snow-bound New Englanders look forward to spring.  I’ve been held prisoner in my air-conditioned home since June, because I’m unable to tolerate the Florida heat and humidity during the summer months.  Actually, that’s an understatement; I suffer so much during the summer months that it makes me wonder why I even live in Florida!  In October it finally cools down, and the relative humidity drops below 70 percent.  In October, I finally get to go outside to play.  So every October, I make it a point to meet up with all of my hippie friends to frolic together in the meadow for a week of music, dancing, celebration.

Which is why I find myself this weekend at MagnoliaFest, the annual folk-hippie music festival held at the Spirit of the Suwannee Campground in Live Oak, FL the third weekend of every October.  The music begins on Thursday afternoon, but since I just got back from a week-long vacation in the North Carolina mountains, I had to wait until after work on Friday to start the four-hour trip up here.  When I finally pulled into the festival grounds, Dickie Betts and Great Southern were wailing down at the Amphitheatre, playing the soundtrack from my youth.  Man, does that band ever bring back some old memories!  Dickie Betts was the favorite band of the original Valerie (some day I may tell you that story), and we used to listen to her Dickie Betts 8-Track on our beach-bound road trips, way back when … one blonde, one brunette, long hair flying in the breeze of the open windows as we cruised recklessly through the night in an old woody station wagon.

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Attitude of Gratitude Project


Saturday, May 15, 2010,    10 am to noon

at the Stone Street Gazebo in

Historic Cocoa Village, Florida

What began as an online gratitude journal shared between three friends has grown into a global community of over 8800 grateful people who have made a conscious choice to see our world through grateful eyes.

Deep friendships have been formed on this Facebook Page, and we have begun to see evidence of what happens when we join in gratitude with other like-minded people. It is time that we meet each other in real life.

Come and gather with us at the Cocoa Village Gazebo, as we hold hands and send out a powerful wave of gratitude strong enough to be felt around the planet.

We will be easy to find … we will all be wearing T-shirts with The Attitude of Gratitude Logo on the front.

You can get your very own T-shirt at:


See you there! Bring a friend!

Join our online community at The Attitude of Gratitude Project, now on Facebook.


We will be joined at this event by David Block as he makes his way up the East Coast on his annual Gratitude Tour.

It is literally true that you can succeed best & quickest by helping others to succeed. Napoleon Hill

How would you like to have more clients than you can handle?  Wouldn’t that be a great problem to have?  Even better, how would it be if all those clients were happy, contented clients instead of angry, frustrated clients?  As your mother used to tell you, your reputation is everything:  if you and your business have a good reputation, people will flock to your doors, happy to give you their money.  So how do you build that reputation, especially when you’re first starting out?
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  John Keats

Have you ever heard music so beautiful that it made you cry?  Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it actually took your breath away?  If that has ever happened to you, my guess is that you can still recall that moment in vivid detail.  You can still hear the music in your head, even though the moment has long past.

Beauty is ephemeral:  flowers wither and die, rainbows dissolve into the mist,  symphonies end.

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